Another day closer

After my short stint in the hospital, Doc sent me home with something called a “unna boot” (’s_boot) which is essentially baby-butt cream impregnated into a gauze bandage that you wrap around your foot. The active ingredient is Zinc Oxide and it is seriously a wonder drug when it comes to wound healing.

Within 2 weeks of the massive doses of antibiotics and a raging infection, I have a nice pink scar that is mostly healed. Theres just a few spots at the base of my heel that is still working to close (large gap take longer according to the doctor). There is almost no tenderness and the soreness is going away.

Today I had a follow up and good news is here. He wants me to continue to wrap it in unna boot for another 2 weeks but then he’ll see me and hopefully clear me for physical therapy. The good news is that I’ll be able to skip the extended period of time in DaBoot (perhaps only a week or less) since as he told me, he only puts patients in the boot because he doesn’t want them to put full pressure on the foot until after the 5 weeks are up, but since I’ve been NWB for that time period there isn’t any need for me.

The better news from my perspective is that I’m allowed to join my team in NYC starting next Monday. I’ve been working remotely at a new job since a couple weeks after the surgery and it’s been brutal not to be there in person. I’ll have to use the scooter in the city for next week, but I’ll take it. Getting seriously antsy with the current situation.

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Recovery Interrupted

Please bear with me, I’m still working my way to the current day. – Steve

This event happened about 3 weeks ago and ended up with me in the hospital. Let me tell you how it all went down…

After spending 2 weeks in bed and another 3 weeks with a cast on my leg, it was finally time for the next torture device in the master recovery plan – the dreaded boot.

Oh. BTW: there’s some seriously gross pictures below. Well, I guess compared to some of the nasty shit you can find on the inter webs it’s not that gross, but consider yourself warned. But don’t worry, it’s just a couple pictures of my healing foot.

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Oh, the pain…

Perhaps you were wondering about the pain. I mean, someone cut into my body, pushed things around, “shaved the bone”, removed a bone spur, moved a tendon, “scraped off the scar tissue”, etc… sounds gruesome and horribly painful right. Well…. It was something I certainly was concerned about going into it.

Here’s how it went: Before they did the surgery, the anesthesiologist gave me a nerve blocker that completely deaden my leg from my knee down to my toes for ~3 days. Together with some heavy duty drugs (opiod based) I didn’t have too much pain during the first few days, but after the blocker wore off. Oh boy. Talk about pain. I caught me off guard that first night when it wore off, I had to take the Oxy every 4 hours that night but after that it leveled off. I guess that’s to be expected when the doctor says that he was going to “shave the bone” and move a tendon around.

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2 Weeks of Hell

So what was it like staying in bed for 2 weeks straight? It was tough, but I had a couple things going for me that made it easier to take. For those of you contemplating the same or similar procedures here are a few things that made it easier for me:

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Surgery and the false start

I consulted with my surgeon (Dr Joseph Daniel, Rothman) in early November and he took one look at the X-rays and quickly pointed out how much damage was done to my tendons and the bone spurs that had been started in both heels.  He then launched into a detailed explanation of what he was going do to me…

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Enough background, what the hell happened?

Even I’m getting impatient. I guess we can get into my self-discipline issues and how I drifted off the track later. For now, you may want to know what the hell is going on and why I felt that I needed to write this up in the first place.

So, if you go back just a few posts, you’ll remember that I had a pretty sedentary lifestyle. I literally took the same roads to work everyday, parked pretty much in the same parking spot, took a elevator up to my office and sat on my ass all day. Sometimes I’d get up for meetings or to do “rounds” amongst my crew (I was a manager with ~15 people working for me). When I was done with work, I’d get back into my car and drive the same route back home and after eating a large dinner, sit back down in my easy chair and watch tv. When I decided it was time for a change of venue I not only made a career change, I kinda made a physical change as well.

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More about me


My brother, Pete (left), his son Mitchel and I in 2015.



Let me continue to paint for you a picture of who I am. I’m about 6’2”, for most of my life I’ve hovered at 250 lbs. I was a weight lifter as a high school/college student, but what they say is true, if you don’t continue to use those muscles they turn to fat. Besides the weight lifting, I’ve never been very athletic. I just don’t have that “killer” instinct, that competitive edge. If you were to tell me you could beat me at some sport, I’d just shrug and say good for you. I liked being fit and have very fond memories of tearing up the trail on a mountain bike, I’m just not that into sports.

So sadly, my life has become sedentary. Like most adult males in the US, I spend 8-10 hours a day sitting on my ass. I have a gym membership, but I haven’t been in a couple years. Like many people in my situation, I have every intention of going. Of re-establishing that 3-4 day a week gym habit, but I’ve never been able to make it happen and every time I see the charge on my statement, I think “I’m going to go – tomorrow.”

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