Shuffle, walk slowly, walk a bit faster, run?

It’s been a really loooooooong time since I wrote here, but please take that as a good thing. I’ve gone from moving at a snails pace to now I’m hitting 10K to 12K steps a day before the pain hits a serious threshold. In fact I was rushing back my office to NY Penn Station the other day (about 10 blocks) and realized that my right ankle (the one that I have not yet had surgery done on) was in pain. Which meant that my left ankle actually felt better. That’s some serious improvement now that I think about it!

It’s hard to see that when you are living in the day-to-day. But something like this blog is key to seeing the big picture. At this point I’m no longer doing weekly official PT, I’ve been cleared for most activity (anything but jumping and running) and I’m doing much better. Foot still looks like hell, but I’m not in line for a job as a foot model, so who cares?

The only thing of note is something that my doctor told me a few weeks back when he cleared me. He told me that with the particular surgery I had done, it took 95% of patients 14 months to fully recover. What!?!?!? Wish I had known that earlier in my recovery, it would have put my mind to ease that I was recovering on a normal pace. For a long while I was seriously thinking I should be pain free and walking normal at less than 6 months from the surgery

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