My lil’ Mule


So the best and worst part of this recovery has been a device that I now swear by and highly recommend for anyone going through this experience – my knee scooter. Complete with decals of flames, this little baby rocks. For the first time in years, Im able to keep up with my family – I was usually the little old guy gimping along in the back of the pack. But with my electric blue knee scooter with flames on it, Im able to lead the pack for once.

These days, during the working part of the week Im currently up in NYC working in a “XP kick-starter” type of environment. Imagine all of the assumptions and stereotypes you probably hold of a “startup” or a next-gen organization like Google or Facebook and youve got it. – Thats where Im working during the next 10 weeks.

This place is actually the real deal – with everything from catered breakfasts to a couple beers on tap and a break room that includes a foosball table and a big screen TV with Playstation attached. We all stand up in a big circle every morning at 9AM when a gong sounds – and I mean a real, honest to goodness, gong is struck. There are no cubes here just rows of long tables with developers, designers and managers standing or sitting in clusters. The place is very loud and there’s an immense amount of energy. Enter my scooter.

At first I was hesitant to be rolling around the place and was a bit self-conscious when I first arrived here last week. Honestly, it totally fits in and it seems to be the gimp’s version of a razor scooter. In fact, on the 2nd day I was here, the front door security guard told me I was going to have to use the freight elevator – thinking that this was a personal “fun” scooter. Once she saw the bandages, she quickly apologized but that’s how much it fits into this environment. She just assumed that I was the same as all the others bring in bikes, and other stuff.

At this point my only real concern is becoming too dependent on it. It hurts to walk – that’s a fact. It doesn’t hurt to use this scooter and frankly I get around a lot faster and better on it. My plan is to use the scooter for part of each day and then gradually increase my walking as I decrease the use of my scooter each day. Hopefully, within the next 6 weeks or so I’m able to walk normally with no pain. At this point I can’t even imagine that state, but I have faith.

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