So word of warning: whatever you do, don’t Google the combination of your procedure name and “youtube”.

After my post about the pain I endured from this procedure (bustedachilles.wordpress), someone asked what procedure I had done. At the time I didnt know, but could only describe it the way that the surgeon did to me – which involved words like “scraping” and “sawing off a bit of bone” and “moving a tendon from the side of my foot to the back”.

That was generally good enough for me, but when I received my prescription for my PT yesterday, there at the top of the form was the actual diagnosis…

With little regard for the state of my stomach, I did something stupid – I went ahead and searched for one of the procedures with the word “youtube”. And then, I watched it.


Ugh! He did THAT to me? Im actually surprised that I’m not in more pain. Seriously. Thats sick. And, sorta WOW.

If you’re curious and have a strong stomach, conduct the following search “achilles tendon repair with fhl transfer youtube”

Other stuff done included: “s/p calcanea osteotomy” and “achilles debridement”. But I couldnt get past the first video… yuck.

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