No PT for you


Ok. WTF.

If youve been following my tale of woe. You know by now that I had to put off working up in NYC with my team for the last 3 weeks because of a post-op infection that hit me as soon as I put on DaBoot and spent a day in NYC.

My new gig that I started right in the middle of my recovery, is meant to revolutionalize the way that this old-school large company does software development. I am a big proponent of Agile and Scrum in particular, and when my friend asked me to help him bring it to his company I jumped at the chance.

The strategy for this project Im leading is to team up with a company called Pivotal Labs that helps walk companies through the process and essentially teaches them through a real engagement the joys of XP (eXtreme Programming – similar to Scrum in the Agile domain). Part of the program is to pull the developers away from their home and in this case to NYC for 15 weeks to learn the new way of doing work. The concept is for the separation to help keep old habits from breaking through the new ones being formed. And because of my relapse, Ive been unable to join the team – so I’ve been especially stressed trying to stay relevant remotely. It’s been driving me up the wall…

So back to the WTF moment. Yesterday, my surgeon gave me clearance to work in NYC next week as long as I stayed NWB. So my firm arranged for a car to transport me from the outskirts of Philly up to NYC and back next week with my lil knee scooter – Progress! But he also told me that he wanted to see me again that Friday to give me final clearance to move to WB (weight bearing) and start the PT. Excellent.

Until you start talking to PT firms. Apparently, no one wants to do therapy on weekends?

WTF. Seriously?

After calling about a dozen places and explaining over and over again about how I need a weekend slot to do my initial PT until I get through the next couple weeks, I finally found someone that has 8-12 on Saturdays. I just don’t get it. Maybe I’m be prejudicial toward the elderly, but perhaps the average PT patient is over 70 and can get their therapy between 9 and 2PM Monday thru Thursday, but I need after hours and weekends! WTF.

Add to the WTF: Why do you need my insurance information even before I have an appointment? I’ve just started to tell them self-pay so that they even talk to me. I have a high-deductible plan, so I have to pay full price anyway but it’s still f’d up.

Sigh.. oh well. I’m all set to travel to NYC next week and I have an 8AM appointment a couple towns over with a therapist who doesn’t mind weekend hours. My surgeon seems to think that as long as I pay attention, learn the exercises and do them on my own, I won’t need to go to PT 3 times a week like he prescribed.

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