Oh, the pain…

Perhaps you were wondering about the pain. I mean, someone cut into my body, pushed things around, “shaved the bone”, removed a bone spur, moved a tendon, “scraped off the scar tissue”, etc… sounds gruesome and horribly painful right. Well…. It was something I certainly was concerned about going into it.

Here’s how it went: Before they did the surgery, the anesthesiologist gave me a nerve blocker that completely deaden my leg from my knee down to my toes for ~3 days. Together with some heavy duty drugs (opiod based) I didn’t have too much pain during the first few days, but after the blocker wore off. Oh boy. Talk about pain. I caught me off guard that first night when it wore off, I had to take the Oxy every 4 hours that night but after that it leveled off. I guess that’s to be expected when the doctor says that he was going to “shave the bone” and move a tendon around.

After the initial few days tho, the pain came down quickly. By day 5, I was largely off of the opioids and taking just a few extra-strength Tylenol for pain. This was dramatically different from before, when I was taking over 1000 mg of Alleve 3 times a day. Of course, I wasn’t using my leg yet, but still drastic difference already.

On another note, I am also terrified of addiction. There are just too many stories out there of people that fall into that trap, and with all of my problems, I didn’t want to add that to the mix… So I dropped the opioids as quickly as I possibly could and was able to throw away probably 1/2 of the prescription. The doctor was clear with me that he wanted me to take them in the beginning but worked with me to come up with a reasonable plan to get off of the meds as quickly as possible. Having teenagers in the house as soon as I was sure I wouldn’t need them, I tossed them (sidebar: a hospice nurse told me that the standard way to get rid of controlled drugs was to mix them together into a ziplock and fill that ziplock with old paint – then toss in the trash).

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4 Responses to Oh, the pain…

  1. stoplight70 says:

    so what exactly did you have done? I think I read you tore your achilles. Was the bone shaving in response to Haglund’s Deformity?, did he also remove the Bursa Sac? Did he detach the Achilles or slide it of the way?


    • So, I don’t know the specific medical name for the procedures that he did, but I can try and regurgitate what he told me post-op. He told me that he had to open up the back of my leg from my heel to my mid calf. There he found 2 ruptures, one up toward the bottom of my calf (about mid-way up), and another where the bone spur poked itself through the tendon. He said that he used a saw to cut away the spur and a good “hunk” of the my heel, scraped away the scar tissue at the 1st rupture (mid calf) and the sutured both tears Then he told me that, due to the weakened state of the tendon, he did something with another tendon that usually wraps around your foot to your big toe and threaded it through a hole he “drilled” through my heel and anchored in place with a ceramic screw. He warned me before the surgery that he might have to do that last one, and said something about not being able to stand on my toes anymore… but I ruled out ballet a long time ago, so no big loss there. All in I think he did three separate procedures that morning.


  2. stoplight70 says:

    Yep….no doubt about it…you in the big leagues with that repair….my best for a healthy and speedy recovery!!!


    • My PT prescription had the actual diagnosis on it: s/p calcaneal ostectomy + achilles debridement + repair + FLH deep tendon transfer. Not sure what any of that means (besides the layman’s explanation he gave me). I think I have some google searches in front of me tonight. I bet I could make some interesting post out of it.


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