2 Weeks of Hell

So what was it like staying in bed for 2 weeks straight? It was tough, but I had a couple things going for me that made it easier to take. For those of you contemplating the same or similar procedures here are a few things that made it easier for me:



  • A first floor bedroom – I basically turned my guest/office into my convalescent home.
  • A first floor bathroom – Unfortunately, we only have a small 1/2 bath downstairs, but since I wasn’t allowed to take a bath or shower it was good enough.   Helped that it was right outside of the guest room.
  • A knee scooter!  – The number 1 purchase to get ready for this surgery is a knee scooter.   Best thing I bought and totally worth the $150 I dropped on it.    It’s stable, easy to get around in (well sorta) and has a definite “cool factor”.   Honestly, for the first time in a couple years I was able to keep up with my family (since I wasn’t gimping along behind the crew).  And, was definitely fun to tool around in the local area brewery tasting room (yet a another story).
  • A hospital table –  The rolling bedside table that can tilt.  You can get this from Amazon and like the knee scooter, well worth the cost.  At least with this  one you can use it after you’re recovered.
  •  Foam Wedge – Another critical purchase was a foam pillow made to elevate your leg above your heart.  Much, much easier than piling up 5+ pillows.   I found one on Amazon for a reasonable price.
  • Crutches –  Although I mostly used the knee scooter, when I was finally released from the bed in week 3, I needed that crutches to get upstairs to the bathroom with a shower.   Crutches are a real pain.  The doctor gave me a script for therapy so that they could teach me how to use them.  Skipped that, found a youtube video for the same purpose.
  • Grab bars – Install some grab bars around the house.  A bunch of years ago, my grandfather used to come visit us and had problems with balance.  So we mounted a few grab bars around the place, one in the bathroom and 2 in the garage on the way into the house.  After he passed, I was considering removing them, I’m sooo glad I didn’t.  Really nice to have something solid to hold on to when you wipe your arse.
  • Mounted TV – Not critical, but certainly nice to have a good sized tv the you can watch while being stuck in bed.
  • Netflix trial – Right before the surgery, I signed up for a free month with Netflix.   Watched a bunch of good shows.   Couldn’t find anything to binge watch (until after – House of Cards.  Highly recommend and would have covered hours).
  •  Laptop/tablet/phone – in week 2 I was off the heavy meds and was able to focus enough to dose work, so I “worked” from home and took some phone calls from my back.  Laptop was useful for that time.  Otherwise used the tablet and my phone extensively for social media support and to just aimlessly wander the inter-webs.
  • Nook – I’m a big reader.  Have over 300 books on my nook and normally read 1-3 books a week.  Oddly, I didn’t read all that much during my recovery.  I think it was because I was unable to lay on my side, so I had to hold the nook above my head and that would eventually get tiring.   So I just ended up watching TV or poking around on the laptop using the side table.
  • Xbox – Last but not least was a gaming system.  I had plans to use this extensively to pass the time, but found that I had trouble seeing the tv well enough to play (the drugs may have been hampering my reaction time too)… So didn’t end up using it all that much.

So, I watched a shit-ton of movies, tooled around the inter-webs and tried to play xbox. Also, did a bit of “work” from bed and generally slept a lot. Not much more to say really.

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2 Responses to 2 Weeks of Hell

  1. stoplight70 says:

    details man!! details!!! what were the best of the best movies and shows for binging?


    • I’ve not quite caught up my blog to the current state, this was back in December/January. But from what I remember, there was a bunch of action flicks rented/watched on Amazon Prime… Deadpool (AWESOME!) Suicide Squad (meh), Iron Man, Borne… you get the pictures. Anything on NetFlix that was interesting… Nothing horribly interesting.


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