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My brother, Pete (left), his son Mitchel and I in 2015.



Let me continue to paint for you a picture of who I am. I’m about 6’2”, for most of my life I’ve hovered at 250 lbs. I was a weight lifter as a high school/college student, but what they say is true, if you don’t continue to use those muscles they turn to fat. Besides the weight lifting, I’ve never been very athletic. I just don’t have that “killer” instinct, that competitive edge. If you were to tell me you could beat me at some sport, I’d just shrug and say good for you. I liked being fit and have very fond memories of tearing up the trail on a mountain bike, I’m just not that into sports.

So sadly, my life has become sedentary. Like most adult males in the US, I spend 8-10 hours a day sitting on my ass. I have a gym membership, but I haven’t been in a couple years. Like many people in my situation, I have every intention of going. Of re-establishing that 3-4 day a week gym habit, but I’ve never been able to make it happen and every time I see the charge on my statement, I think “I’m going to go – tomorrow.”

I’m a creature of habit. I think this one is genetics- my grandfather was just like this. We get into a habit, schedule or plan and that’s it. From that point forward it’s the way it is and it takes massive amounts of effort to change it. This actually “should” work in my favor – if I could just get myself used to getting up everyday at 5 and going to the gym, then it would become the new schedule/pattern/behavior – habit and I’d be back on the track to health. But, well, this is where my psyche get’s in the way. You see, I’ve already got a habit – I get up, make some coffee and veg out in front of the news until they repeat the same damn shit 2 or 3 times and it’s time for me to get moving. I would rather be doing something else but I can’t seem to budge. Every morning I think about changing and somehow I end up back in that damn chair, starring at the damn TV sipping coffee.

So knowing this, why haven’t I changed? I could tell you that now I’ve got extra incentives to stay in the same stupid muddy track – I’m currently on NWB restriction. In order to climb out of that rut in the road, I would have to cart a stupid knee scooter around the gym or hop around on crutches, but honestly, I think I’m just lazy. Or more precisely, I have self-discipline issues. I get to the moment when I need to decide if I’m going to fall into the normal rut or pull myself onto a new track and I, in that moment, decide to do the easy thing and stay with what I already do everyday – back to the rut.

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